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Magnetic Coffee Dosing Ring 51/53/58mm

Magnetic Coffee Dosing Ring 51/53/58mm

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Elevate your coffee-making process with our Magnetic Coffee Dosing Ring, available in 51mm, 53mm, and 58mm sizes to suit your specific needs. This ingenious tool is the secret to a mess-free, precise dosing experience, ensuring that every gram of coffee leads to your cup's maximum potential.

Crafted with powerful magnets, this dosing ring seamlessly snaps onto your portafilter, creating a spill-proof barrier that guides coffee grounds directly into the basket. Say goodbye to wasted coffee and messy countertops. With the Magnetic Coffee Dosing Ring, you can streamline your workflow, making it cleaner, faster, and more efficient.

Whether you're a home enthusiast or a professional barista, the consistency delivered by this dosing ring means every espresso shot you pull is as perfect as the last. It's not just about saving coffee; it's about perfecting the ritual, shot by shot. Unlock the full flavor of your beans and transform your espresso game with our Magnetic Coffee Dosing Ring.

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